Browns 1st and Goal Report: A Halloween MNF Special Edition

1st and Goal: Run Nick Chubb A LOT

The NFL is a passing league. How often do you hear that? All the time! But when it comes to Cleveland Browns football and this team, that idea of passing should an afterthought and that’s after handing the ball to Nick Chubb. Yes, the team has Amari Cooper to catch passes and that should happen tonight but Chubb needs carries and not just 15 carries. He’s only carried the ball for more than 27 times twice in his career so having him carry the ball somewhere between 20-25 seems most likely.

The worst argument by those that think Chubb’s carries are about right at this time always contend that the team is in passing situations and that it doesn’t call for a Chubb run, but those that argue this don’t know Chubb and understand just how good he really is. He’s not your standard NFL back. He’s the best back in the NFL and Cleveland needs to showcase him more for the rest of the season. Some that continue to argue that this is already happening because Chubb leads the league in most running categories, still are trying to excuse the decisions week in and week out that are limiting Chubb to be in the game in key moments which ultimately have led the team to lose games.


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