April 23, 2024

Browns 1st and Goal Report: A Halloween MNF Special Edition


Things are a bit scary these days for the Cleveland Browns. Tonight, they’ll have their work cut out for them as they try and get a victory when they face the Cincinnati Bengals. The Browns have lost four straight and they don’t look or sound like a team that’s learned anything this season other than to find new ways to lose each week and then point the finger at each other. They do a lot of talking and making excuses, from the coaches to players but each time they still don’t seem to correct the mistakes.

Fans are growing more frustrated each game while the team lacks that same genuine frustration. They may say they are frustrated but nothing is changing. Maybe, in the end, this Browns team is not that talented and that’s the main problem. Or maybe it’s the coaching and a cool-looking Kevin Stefanski, who benefited from an odd 2020 pandemic season that saw the team go 11-5 in front of empty stadiums, isn’t that cool of a coach?

Whatever the problems are, at this point it doesn’t matter. This team needs a win and if that doesn’t happen, then the remaining schedule will seem like a lost cause.

So it’s a must-win for Cleveland tonight. Let’s look at a few important details that will help if they want the win.


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