Browns 1st and Goal Report: A Christmas Miracle Awaits

4th Down: Enjoy Christmas

The Browns are in the playoff chase and that’s not something that Cleveland fans have always been able to say over the years. With the news of this week and the laundry list of players with Covid on the Browns team, things can certainly seem grim, but they aren’t so bad. The Browns will give it a go today, and maybe an early Christmas miracle will happen amid this week’s unsettling timing of Covid news this week.

Next week the Browns will play the Green Bay Packers on Christmas Day. It will certainly be a treat from my perspective to get to see my favorite team try and defeat Aaron Rodgers up there at Lambeau Field. Hopefully, Baker Mayfield will be back to lead his team. It is a special time for all. Enjoy the holiday season with your friends and families. Merry Christmas to all!


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