March 4, 2024

Imagine growing up with LeBron James being your father. Yes, there would certainly be some perks to it but also some troubles in living up to The King himself.

Well, Bronny James is LeBron’s oldest son and is doing a solid job at playing ball. He’s on the USC Trojans basketball team so there’s a start even with some scary health challenges too.

Well, Bronny pulled a LeBron by making a chase-down block similar to the one LeBron himself made way back in Game 7. It’s of course something that is etched in history is one of the greatest plays of all time in sports. If not the best one ever with the circumstances included.

Lots of people laughed after Bronny scored his first basket because that made him more of a college scorer than LeBron ever had been. Of course, going straight from high school to basketball.

It was very cool seeing LeBron’s son making such an incredible play to start his college career. Bronny had four points, three rebounds, two assists, two steals and a block in 17 minutes of action off the bench. The Trojans ended up losing to Long Beach State 84-79.

Certainly, it wouldn’t be easy playing basketball with LeBron as your dad. The expectations are going to be there simply because of the family name. Hopefully, Bronny will be able to thrive in college and end up having a great career in the NBA someday.

Will Bronny score close to 40,000 points though? Not quite sure about that amount for really anybody to ever again reach like LeBron has done.

The Block in Game 7 will always be remembered as a play that potentially saved the season for the Cavs and allowed the team to become the 2016 NBA Champions.

Want to watch “The Block” CLICK HERE!!!

Maybe Bronny will end up on the Cavs and make a play in Cleveland that is historical. That would be amazing.

Let’s see how the rest of this college season goes for the youngster and if he blossoms into a great player. He definitely has the genetics and the pressure is certainly there to be simply great at the game.

Have an interest in the youngster?

Well, the Trojans’ next game is against Auburn (road) on the 17th at 10 AM PT. Our Cavs play Saturday against the Hawks at 7:30 here in Cleveland. The Wine & Gold is 13-12 and USC is 5-4 on their respective years so far.

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