Bring Back All 30 NBA Teams For This Year?

2020 has not been the most pleasant year thus far. That is true for the sporting world and much of the regular world, in general.

Without sports, the NBA & MLB for this time of year, there is a giant hole in the hearts of fans all over the place. It’s difficult to admit that the games themselves were taken for granted before, but that’s exactly the case. However, it is best to be reasonable and take a look at the situation with the NBA.

There are close to ten teams that have no legitimate chance to make the playoffs. This is if the format remains the same with eight teams from each conference making it in. Here are a couple of suggestions for changing it up a bit due to the current circumstances with the pandemic facing this country.

The first is to have eight teams from each conference return and cut the playoffs to four teams on each side. The next is to have a college-style single-elimination tournament with every team and simply forget the idea of “in or out.” Finally, keep the seeding as is but have a “best-of-three” series for each instead of the usual seven games.

All of these are to make it so that a winner can be crowned for this 2019-20 season but to eliminate as many games as possible in the process.

Think about how many meaningless games there are in the NBA towards the end of the season. Games that have very little significance on seeding between teams that are already eliminated from the playoffs.

The next question is about the draft order and how that is decided? Basically, take a snapshot of the current standings “pre-pandemic” and use those as the means to come up with the order.

What would all of this accomplish?

Sadly, the fewer games, the better. Crowding people in an area to watch something that would have no meaning come playoff time is not worth it, especially when the virus does not have a reliable, efficient medical countermeasure or anything. It’s not just the fans but also the players, too. They are all human and could get sick also. Why risk it?

For the other sports, it will be great for them to return in a normal capacity and hopefully, the virus will be gone before football starts.

If a change is made to the NBA format, this season will always have an asterisk next to it. Even if nothing is done and every team comes back, there will still always be something discussed with 2020 and Corona. Ironically, why not ‘crown’ a champion in a unique way? Just for this season.

Then, return back to the way everything was for 2020-2021.


Image via: Clutch Points

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