Brian Windhorst – The Hidden Traitor


That’s it. I’ve seen enough. ESPN’s very own Brian Windhorst is a traitor just like our former hero Lebron James is regarded as. Windhorst, the former Cavaliers beat reporter, now covers the Miami Heat for the ESPN network. However, he specifically focuses on Lebron James.

In 2010, Windhorst walked away from his career starter here in Cleveland to join forces with King James in Miami. Fine, he was just a member of the media anyways.

However, I’ve recently seen articles from Windhorst about Kyrie Irving possibly leaving Cleveland after his rookie contract, and an off-taste article about Lebron’s visit to Cleveland being a short one launched close to Big Z’s ceremony.

I just find it unusual that Windhorst would take a liking to bashing the team and town that started his career.

So take your Windhorst articles, and burn them on the streets of Cleveland Lebron-style.

Just kidding.

-Zach Shafron

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