Brian Hoyer’s Short Leash Is An Embarrassment To The Browns


When an owner takes his dog out for a walk, he will use a leash. This is a protective measure in order to prevent any sort of harm to the dog, whether it be from an oncoming car, another animal, a jogger, etc. However, putting that dog on a “short leash” gives him very little room to move.

It’s an act of distrust, because the owner feels that the dog will not be safe or obey his commands with a longer extension. There is zero confidence in the behavior and action of that dog, but all and all he still needs to walk.

Browns starting quarterback Brian Hoyer is on that short leash.

As ticked off as I was that Johnny Manziel wasn’t named the starter, I accepted the fact that it was indeed Brian Hoyer that had gotten the Browns to this point. Despite his horrific three game stretch, he still manages to win games and has the Browns in playoff contention for the first time since 2007.

Fine. Let Brian Hoyer continue. This is his team and his season, right?

And then, all the faithlessness that Browns head coach Mike Pettine truly had in Brian Hoyer blasted out of a cannon when reports came out that the former Michigan State Spartan was on a “short leash.”

If you have NO CONFIDENCE in your starting quarterback, then why in the world would you stick him out there to dry when Johnny Manziel is sitting on the bench waiting? Yeah, that guy who’s supposed to be our future…

I respected coach Pettine’s decision to play Brian Hoyer until I realized he has absolutely no confidence in the man, just like the rest of us. Putting Hoyer on a “short leash” is basically saying that we have little trust in you but since you got us to this point you’re just going to keep playing because we owe it to you.

Yeah, I’m sure that makes Brian feel really confident.

At this point, it’s becoming more and more clear that Brian Hoyer will not be on the team next year. So unless by a miracle the Browns somehow make it to the playoffs, it’s another game wasted that could’ve gone under the rookie’s belt as he prepares to start for the Browns next season.

Johnny Manziel is the spark that this team needs. We all saw it in Buffalo and unfortunately we won’t see it again this Sunday because coach Pettine has decided to play the sympathy card with poor Brian Hoyer.

Having a short leash is not a good thing and it gives no one the confidence to the other players and coaches that we will win against the high scoring Indianapolis Colts.

Some advice for the rookie head coach: Don’t sell out Brian Hoyer if you plan on starting him. Either stay all in or switch to Johnny Manziel. Get ready to hear the boos if all goes astray.

-Zach Shafron


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