After two rather disappointing performances from both quarterback Brian Hoyer & Johnny Manziel, it was clear that neither truly showcased the tools necessary to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. However, a decision had to be made, and thank god it was. Brian Hoyer is our guy.

This summer, as a Johnny Manziel lover, I would preach to anyone listening that it should be JFF under center in Pittsburgh week one. The kid is talented, ready to win and can lead the Browns to the promise land. Although I still believe in that today, these two preseason games have made it apparent that Mr. Manziel needs to wear the backwards hat for a while. Learning the system, progressing as a young quarterback, and simply just…watching.

I’ve never had any beef with Brian Hoyer, just beef with the fact that fans use a two game sample to define a player. He beat a bad Minnesota team while throwing three interceptions, and Cincinnati after the defense allowed only six points. Hey, winning is winning, and Hoyer did prove something during those couple of games, but it was not enough to automatically secure him a starting job.

As time went on, Brian Hoyer became the right choice. The incumbent, the man with experience, the veteran. It all makes sense, really. It’s clear that Manziel is not ready to perform at an NFL level.

A good point made to me by a couple of buds is that once you put Johnny Manziel out there, then there’s no going back. If he gets beat around during his rookie season, it may ruin a potentially great career before it even really got started.

So after further review, I believe that it is now the right choice by coach Pettine and company to name Brian Hoyer the starter. Last season, in two games and some change he threw for 615 yards and five touchdowns.

As exciting as this season looked to be on draft night, the pending Josh Gordon suspension and the continuous offensive struggles make me worried.

Hopefully, the Browns will give us all something to believe in on Saturday night against the St. Louis Rams at First Energy Stadium.

Win, lose or draw we’ve got big scoreboards.

-Zach Shafron

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