April 15, 2024

Brees Thinks Mayfield Can Be Better Than Him, What’s it Mean?


Saints Quarterback Drew Brees during his weekly press conference said that Baker Mayfield reminded him a lot of himself just with a better arm and better athleticism. This is an exciting prospect for Browns fans as Brees continues to be one of the best in the game as he builds on his already Hall of Fame-worthy career. That all being said, fans should keep this all in perspective.

How much has Brees actually studied Mayfield’s game? What would he have to benefit, at this point, in going in-depth into a rookie, backup quarterback’s game? Yes, he has probably watched him play as he was the Heisman trophy winner and the first overall pick but I’m guessing it has ended there and not much film study went into his comments. Football analysts since before the draft have drawn comparisons between the two because of their stature and accuracy so Brees could easily just be reiterating the narrative.

The part that has been overlooked by most fans but should be gaining the most attention is Mayfield’s reaction to the comments. He responded by saying he was humbled and understood the amount of work that was needed in order to have that type of career. We have all known Mayfield has a lot of similarities to Brees, but the work ethic and understanding of the NFL were what we hoped he had to achieve the career we all envision for him. This is the piece from this story we should all hold onto. This part is our hope for our quarterback of the future.


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