BREAKING: SP Shane Bieber to Have Tommy John Surgery


Well, it’s over.

Just when we Guardians fans thought there was some hope to this season after starting the year off 6-2, disastrous news came about. Starting pitcher and ace Shane Bieber will need Tommy John Surgery and is out for the season.

After starting the year with a win at Oakland, Bieber had a second outing that was also victorious on the 2nd.

Bieber is a right-hander and went a combined 12 innings, giving up 10 hits, no earned runs and 20 strikeouts. It truly looked like a magical start to the year and that all became a disaster when unfortunate news struck today.

After feeling pain in his right elbow, reconstructive surgery was recommended for Bieber.

Why is it called Tommy John Surgery anyway?

“The goal of the surgery is to stabilize the elbow, reduce or eliminate pain and restore stability and range of motion. This procedure was introduced and first performed by Frank Jobe, M.D., on baseball pitcher Tommy John in 1974—hence the colloquial name Tommy John surgery.” – John Hopkins Medicine 

Bieber, 28, is 6’3 and 200 pounds, missed several months of the 2023 season with elbow injuries but ultimately came back at the end of the year. He would’ve had more trade value last season if not for said injury.

Now, starting pitchers are a lot different than say a starting point guard in the NBA. They only play in 1/5 games for a baseball team and don’t make quite the impact. Even so, losing Bieber for the next year (and potentially longer) is horrific news for a team that started off so well even with expectations that were mediocre at best.

If I were the Guardians, I would look to sign someone like pitcher Trevor Bauer who is currently in a Mexican League to fill the void on the roster now. However, it’s certainly going to be tough to fill this loss.

Other starting pitchers such as Triston McKenzie and Tanner Bibee are going to need to perform even better moving forward in upcoming starts.

Shane, good luck to you on this recovery and sorry that you have to go through all of this trouble moving forward. Wishing you the best with surgery and everything in the future.

The Guardians continue on regardless with a 2:10 start today in Minnesota as the season chugs along. Possibly the biggest key in sports as a whole is staying healthy. That once again proves itself true with today’s news here in Cleveland.


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