April 23, 2024

BREAKING: Browns QB DeShaun Watson’s Truck Stolen


No, this is completely literal and is actually about a vehicle that quarterback DeShaun Watson owns. I can see how your dirty mind would think it had to do with some other inappropriate actions of some type. That is not the case…

Watson’s truck, a Dodge Ram TRX, was one of five cars stolen from the Mercedes Benz of North Olmsted.

Clearly, there are a lot of people that still do not like DeShaun after his past discretions and this action may be because of that fact. Or someone simply could’ve stolen the truck because it was a cool truck worth a lot of money. It feels like there is still a lot to learn from this situation.

There were several other vehicles stolen as well…


Now, this one is certainly not Watson’s fault. However, doesn’t it seem like the quarterback can never stay out of the news? Even when the season is over for the Browns and fans should be more focused on the Cavs and such.

Well, hopefully, authorities will be able to figure out who stole the truck Watson owned and the others as well.

Once again, what’s most interesting about this situation is other cars/trucks were stolen as well. Thus, maybe the crime had nothing at all to do with Watson being the owner of the truck and his just randomly happened to be one of the ones stolen.

Unfortunately, it feels like this crime has something to do with DeShaun and the person who committed it knew which truck was his to take. We shall see once the perpetrator is caught by authorities.

Looking at the NFL Playoffs, we Browns fans wish Watson was driving the truck to the stadium for a game today instead of having it get stolen by someone. Oh, well. You know what they say…

“There’s always next year.”

Let’s wait and see how this story plays out. We will have more details for you all as they come this weekend across the news and social media.

DeShaun, maybe TE David Njoku can give you a ride if you need to go anywhere? Or another teammate will step up and help you out during this time of crisis!



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