Break Time: The Browns Roller Coaster Season In Review

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

Coach Kevin Stefanski’s undisciplined team and play-calling

Obviously, Stefanski hit one out of the park a year ago with that Browns team, going 11-5, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers twice, including the playoff burial of that team from Pennsylvania. But this season has been a different vibe and whispers are starting to become louder on exactly what we should expect from the coach.

His team has struggled a lot with penalties, especially on the offensive side of the ball. The inconsistencies at this point of the year are really baffling. The only explanation in my mind is that the lack of concentration by the players and coaches has to be because this team and the coach are not communicating well and there is distrust in the building.

The play calling has been just as concerning. This analytic approach to the game where the Browns are constantly going for it on 4th down is just not working. At this point, they are under .500 on making the 4th downplays and it’s such a letdown to the team after a long 10 to 15 play drive to be turned away from points.

Take the points coach.

Three points are better than zero points. Case in point, when the Browns battled the Arizona Cardinals, the team had a 4th and three yards to go and were at the 12-yard line. They had grounded down the game clock ran about 12 plays and then failed to convert the play when they were only down 7-0.

I can see Stefanski’s thought process and trying to change the Browns narrative by being aggressive in the play calls, but his quarterback has been injured all season and a shell of himself. That’s called bad coaching and I’m surprised with coach Stefanski’s stubbornness. It’s not winning over his players and it certainly starting to wear out its fan base.

Here’s to a better last five games of this roller-coaster season. I’d much rather drift along a calm river in a canoe the rest of the way. Go Browns!


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