Break Time: The Browns Roller Coaster Season In Review

As a Cleveland Browns fan, one can usually count on the unexpected as our favorite team has been involved in numerous twists and turns that make the fan experience so much more entertaining. If we didn’t have the Browns around for simply entertaining us, both positively or negatively what would our lives be like?

Very boring!

With that in mind this week, and the Browns on their bye week and hopefully getting primed to come back to the field of play in a week, let’s take a little journey back through the season thus far with the Browns sitting at 6-6 and pretty much out of any playoff run. There have been, as usual, those things that make us all go, “Well it’s Browns, same old, same old, ha ha…” shaking our heads in disbelief.

After last season’s “Miracle on the Shores of Lake Erie”, like the “Miracle at Richfield” with the Cleveland Cavaliers team of 1976, we all had visions of the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy being hoisted by Browns coach Kevin Stefanski. Instead, Stefanski is hoisting the white flag and has surrendered to this very bland season. Where has the “Let’s win the week” philosophy gone to? Instead, all we hear from the Browns coach is “I have to be better.” Thanks, coach, I know you have to be better, but let’s get back to that other saying because it worked. Where the dysfunction for this season started exactly is anyone’s guess, but let’s review the oddities of the year.


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