It was slated to be just another practice for the Cavs. Out on the West Coast, with a matchup against the Lakers staring them in the face, the struggling Wine & Gold boarded the team bus. It started up as usual, but then some of the players noticed that they weren’t en-route to the UCLA Practice Facility where their workout was scheduled to be held.

That’s because the Cavs were going bowling, courtesy of coach David Blatt.

An afternoon of relaxation, fun and just hanging with the bros at the alley ensued. It totally took some of the stress and pressure off of the team, lifting up their spirits after such a hard stretch of ball. The guys got a chance to re-connect with each other, something that was so desperately needed at this point in this season.

It also showed just how cool of a coach Blatt is. What a creative idea to relieve stress, thought of by the guy that was taking the most heat in the whole organization.

The media will write anything that generates maximum viewership to their site, and the Cavaliers offer just that with their early season struggles. It is becoming more and more apparent that these guys like playing together, and more importantly are OK with Blatt being the coach. He’s new to the NBA, and having to coach so much fire power is a challenge.

After rolling a couple strikes at “practice,” the Cavs rolled over their next two opponents. The team swept LA, beating both the Lakers and the Clippers at the Staples Center on back to back nights.

Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe it was a stroke of luck, or maybe just maybe the bowling outing is what got this team into a little bit of a groove.

Let’s hope it continues.

-Zach Shafron

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