The Cavs bounced back in an emphatic way Thursday night winning 118-94 in Boston. They dealt Boston just their 6th home loss of the year (regular & postseason) and showed the league the type of team they can be. Donovan Mitchell starting off slow with only two points in the first quarter, allowed the role players including Mobley to get in rhythm from the start. Mitchell scored 29 points in his usual way with Levert and Mobley tagging on 21 each, helping fuel the huge win against the Celtics. Mitchell running the point at times directing traffic, has shown the confidence JB and Cavs have put into Mitchell to facilitate the offense.

The game being tied 54-all at half, the Cavs were shooting over 50%, with the bench contributing 16 points. The Cavs began the 3rd quarter hot from beyond the arch, shooting seven threes in the quarter to go up 90-78 entering the final period. The Cavs were able to go punch for punch (and some) in the fourth, out-scoring the Celtics 28-16 in the final period. Mitchell and Mobley both looked comfortable from the start, which bodes well going into Cleveland on Saturday night. Last night, Donavan Mitchell showed confidence, was aggressive at the point of attack and quarterbacked the team in an efficient way. 

The Cavs so far are undefeated at home in the playoffs, and immensely play better at home than on the road this postseason. It certainly will be an intense matchup and I expect Boston to bounce back. It will be interesting to see how Cleveland responds to their first playoff road win of the season as a win of this nature can sometimes lead to complacency. JB and Mitchell must keep that “dawg” mentality heading into the home stand as going up 3-1 against the best team in the East could set the stage for the ECF. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the Celtics are the best team in the East for a reason. They will strike back. 

The last time the Cavs reached the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron was on the team and we won the NBA finals. This is the longest streak of not reaching the ECF since LeBron was drafted, with such a stretch lasting from 1992-2007. Adding Mitchell two years ago has yet to be seen as a championship-caliber move, but it is obvious he is a star and we will see soon how much that paid off. 

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