Blue Jackets Fall Hard, Get Eliminated

And with that, their run is over.

On Monday night, the Bruins defeated Columbus in convincing fashion, with Tukka Rask getting the shutout at 3-0. Once again, John Tortorella’s guarantee that his team will be back for Game 7 proved to be nothing more than empty words. Perhaps the Blue Jackets head coach should stop making such empty claims. Two years in a row he has said this. Two years in a row they lost.

No, folks, this is not a pleasant article, and for more reasons than just the heart-breaking elimination of Columbus from the playoffs…and the fact that they lost three in a row…and the fact that they bit the dust by way of a shutout. It is also a bitter pill to swallow because we may see what won’t be quite a mass exodus of players, but there will be several key departures. First and foremost, Artemi Panarin is gone. That is a given. Secondly, Jackets netminder Sergei Bobrovsky may leave town as well. Former Ottawa forwards Ryan Dzingel and Matt Duchene are almost certainly leaving as well. The bottom line is don’t expect this season’s success to carry over to the next.

Whoever comes out of the Eastern Conference will win the Cup, and if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Boston, despise them as I do. I want to be the bigger man and congratulate Boston on their victory, but that roster is littered with dirty players. The high hit last night to Josh Anderson was rotten, just like Marchand’s cheap shot punch earlier in the series after a whistle blew a play dead. One can only hope karma bites this team.

Next on the Bruins’ list is a young, very fast Carolina Hurricanes team. Here’s hoping they give Boston all they can handle. Columbus proved to be a worthy opponent, but they struggled on closing the deal. If there is any team left that can take down the obnoxious yellow and black, it is Carolina. The Sharks are too old. The Avalanche aren’t quite at that premier level yet. Dallas and St. Louis will not be able to provide a solid matchup against Boston. That leaves just one realistic option. Go get ‘em, Canes.

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