November 28, 2022

Biggest Boom or Bust Prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft

Josh Allen

Oh, the big-armed QB’s, they are so tantalizing. Guys like Jamarcus Russell who wowed us with the ability to throw off his knees. Scouts prefered Ryan Leaf’s big arm over wimpy Peyton Manning’s. Even with those classic examples, we sit back here today and watch Josh Allen throw the ball 80 yards in the air at his Pro Fay with our mouths ajar. Teams looking for a QB in this draft love Josh Allen’s potential and what he might be capable of, but so far what IS he capable of? What we do know of Josh Allen is that he was not capable of completing 60% of his passes in the Mountain West Conference. What we know has he missed three games this year due to injury. In two full seasons, Josh Allen was able to throw for 5,066 yards and 44 touchdowns to 21 interceptions in his career. However, against power-five teams, in three games against Oregon, Iowa and Nebraska, he threw for 427 yards one touchdown and eight interceptions. Not good… but his upside is undeniable because he does have rare arm strength, which is why Josh Allen is such a polarizing prospect.

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