April 14, 2024

Josh Allen

He has worn brown before and he is one of the most interesting QB prospects in the 2018 Draft.

Despite mock drafts this week, the Cleveland Browns are probably not the best fit for Josh Allen. He’s a work in progress with a cannon for an arm with extremely limited accuracy. Allen is every inch of six-foot-five-inches, an incredible build and a stereotypical AFC North quarterback. Since 1999, the Browns have been awful at developing quarterbacks and Allen could turn out to be Browns’s J.P. Losman.

Speaking of Losman, the Buffalo Bills would be a perfect fit for Josh Allen. Playing in the crisp air of Wyoming will have prepared Allen for those snowy games in upstate New York.

Furthermore, last season, head coach Sean McDermott could not wait to play Nathan Peterman.

Allen would be fit well in Buffalo granted they trade into the top-5 picks of the draft. If not, Denver would be a great option for Allen’s career as John Elway cold mold his raw talent.

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