December 9, 2023

LeBron had never accumulated four fouls in the first half of any game in the NBA and probably his entire life. That’s 1061 + 211 games. Do the math!

And you’re trying to tell me the NBA isn’t rigged?, pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

All conspiracies aside for the remainder of this article, the Cavs showed resolve, overcoming the adversity that this Celtics team had all of the sudden thrust upon them. In the second quarter of Game 4, it truly looked like we’d be heading back to Boston with the series knotted at two.

No one wanted that, especially Kyrie Irving.

With 6:46 to go in the first half, LeBron James backed down Terry Rozier (Shaker Heights product) a little too hard and picked up his fourth foul of the game. Boston already had a 43-33 lead at this point and that quickly swelled to 13 with a Jaylen Brown three.

Down 13 points, LeBron sitting woefully on the bench for the final six minutes of the half, Boston with all the momentum and the crowd is dead silent.

This is a nightmare…

But Kyrie Irving saved the day, keeping the Cavs afloat with his herculean effort. He connected on a pair of triples en route to 10 points in the final six minutes of the half with LeBron encouraging (or probably biting his nails) on the sideline. At the half, the Cavs trail 57-47 but at least it wasn’t a 20-point blowout.

Those little more than six minutes of game action are the highlight of these playoffs for the Wine & Gold thus far. It’s nice to see the team respond to a little adversity. As pointed out by many pundits, the Warriors have been on cruise control the entire playoffs. Even their comeback WCF Game 1 win was with Kawhi Leonard out of the game.

Adversity is welcomed, but the fear by others is that dancing around that idea could backfire if a team doesn’t overcome it. Kyrie Irving was not about to let that happen.

Out of the halftime break, Uncle Drew shined, dropping 21 in the third quarter, fighting through a rolled ankle and finished the with a deep, deep triple at the horn. He got the crowd on their feat appreciating the greatness in front of them.

Game 4 against the Celtics shows that the Cavs are ready to battle with the Warriors. First, business must be taken care of in Game 5 back in Boston. After that, we are in store for a remarkable rubber match edition of the NBA Finals.

If I were a Golden State Warriors fan, that third quarter last night would scare me. When LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin “17 rebounds” Love are all clicking, the team is truly impossible to beat!

One final question on Kyrie Irving:

Which way did he go? 


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