Benching Antonio Callaway Was Stupid

Today, I was late for an appointment and the staff was nice enough to see me. Apparently, Browns wide receiver Antonio Callaway wasn’t afforded the same courtesy on Sunday in the team’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

Now, his replacement, Rashard Higgins, caught the game-winning touchdown. For once, it actually worked out for the Browns.

Let’s just, for the sake of this article, pretend Baker overshot Higgins on that touchdown throw and the Browns ended up losing.

What’s the talk of the town after another loss with a talented wide receiver just sitting on his tush in the locker room playing Candy Crush on his phone?

Apparently, Callaway was 20 minutes late for “something.” (Via That was the reason he didn’t play.

I understand this idea of accountability but look, this team needs all the help it can get. When this decision was made by coach Kitchens, the Browns were 2-6 and really struggling after losing to the Denver Broncos.

Against the Bills…What if Higgins got hurt? Or Jarvis? Or OBJ? Not having that option in Callaway, because he was not even dressed for the game, is just silly.

Sure, playing Higgins more snaps than Callaway is fine. But to not even have the man in uniform…crazy.

This was a one-game thing, according to coach Kitchens, and Callaway will be back on Thursday night against the Steelers. With that said, I loved that Higgins got back in the mix and caught an awesome touchdown.

If the antics Callaway pulls are frustrating to the Browns – cut him. However, completely changing a game-plan to prove a point is not smart. Kitchens and company were lucky it was of no detriment.

Lastly, I still believe Callaway has the potential to become a great receiver in the NFL.

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