Behind the Backers: Mile High Browns Backers

Our series travels to Denver, Colorado this week. The Mile High Browns Backers meet in the heart of enemy territory. The club has had its trials through the years, yet they have grown and are thriving. Vice President Cliff Colson and President Tony Schott gave me details concerning this great group. It was great talking to these guys. Their enthusiasm is contagious; their loyal fandom is unquestioned.

What do you do when you’re a Browns fan who lives in Denver? You start a Browns Backers club to find like-minded people. This group was started when a personal ad was placed in The Rocky Mountain News. The ad got 35 responses and The Mile High Browns Backers were born. The first meeting in 1984 was at the home of Tarry and Sheila Akers.

Some clubs find a home quickly and have met at the same location for many, many years. That’s not the case for the MHBB club. This is a story of survival. Between 1987 and 1991, members watched games in at least six different bars. All six eventually closed or refused to show the Browns game. In October of 1991, club president Tony Schott led the club to a place called The Retreat. It was home to the MHBB through 2015, when it was torn down. They moved to the Baker St. Pub & Grill (which recently sold and is now known as Winston’s) to begin the 2016 season and added Stoney’s Bar & Grill in 2018. Plans are currently underway to add a third meeting location in Boulder.

The club meets for all Browns games. When the Browns play in Denver they tailgate and host pre-game parties. They have their own bowling league and softball team. Their official membership total is 140, but it grows to over 940 on Facebook and 450 on Twitter. They attract 300 Browns fans at a minimum for all Brows games between the two locations.

The true gusto of this group shines through in the energy expelled to plan festivities surrounding the Browns visit to Denver in December. Coors Light and Stoney’s Bar & Grille are sponsoring the group’s tailgate event before the game. However, the fun will start with a party Friday night at Stoney’s Bar & Grill. Kevin Mack and Eric Metcalf will be on hand to sign autographs. Rooms are available in a block at the Hyatt Regency Colorado Convention Center for Browns fans. Rates are reduced and start at only $109.

You can book directly at:

Click Here to Book

Fans have already booked 58 rooms! Cliff and Tony encourage everyone to come out for the game, enjoy the party, the tailgate and make a long ski weekend out of it.

The Mile High Browns Backers charity work supports The Savio House, Senior Support Services and The Browns Foundation.

In talking about the recent changes made by the Browns, Tony Schott is in favor of the changes, saying Hue Jackson was “not the answer.” Cliff Colson looks forward to a different approach with Baker Mayfield.

“Roll the kid out. You can’t keep him in the pocket all the time.”

They like Gregg Williams as the interim head coach and predict that the Browns will win three or four more games this season.

For more information about the Mile High Browns Backers, joining the club or arranging a visit for the Browns game in December, contact Tony or Cliff or visit their website:

Tony Schott:
Cliff Colson:

Thanks to Cliff and Tony for participating in this series. The Mile High Browns Backers are a great club. Check them out on Facebook!

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