March 4, 2024

It’s only been two games with Joe Flacco as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. However, the team did just extend the quarterback to a contract that is for the entire season. This means that the final four games and hopefully the playoffs Joe is our guy.

Flacco has thrown for 565 yards and five touchdowns compared to two interceptions in said two starts. He throws a great ball even after all of these years and that was a question with him coming to town.

Now, it’s never good to play the “what if” game. And frankly, Flacco could end up being terrible, the Browns having even more injuries and there being no playoffs. That would be extremely disappointing but still a possibility.

What everyone is wondering is if Flacco thrives, gets the Browns to the playoffs and the team has even more success. Then what? No, we won’t say the “S Word” But, who knows?

Yes, Deshaun Watson was signed for five seasons before this year and that contract is for 230 million dollars. The quarterback has suffered from a shoulder issue the entire season and hasn’t been able to play.

Would the Browns automatically go back to Deshaun Watson next year no matter what happens? After all, Flacco is 38 years old.

Would the Browns have Flacco come back as a backup and have faith in Watson?

Would the Browns actually stick it to Watson and say Flacco is starting, we’re signing him to a contract in ’24 and go with him?

Obviously, there are a lot of questions that would need to be answered. First, of course, let’s try and focus on the remainder of this actual season and the 8-5 Browns now. Even so, it’s hard not to think about the future of this team.

It’s quite amazing how Flacco went from sitting on his couch watching other football games this offseason to being a Cleveland celebrity. It’s only been a couple of matchups, but the rest of this season does look bright for a team in true playoff contention.

It’ll be interesting to see if Watson takes any advice and sees the way Flacco plays quarterback and uses it to subsequently make himself better moving forward. That would be a good idea.

Lastly, talking about the future, a lot of people including myself have talked about this Watson contract as a bust. There’s a chance the man comes back and leads this team to greatness.

In football and life in general, we truly never ever know the future…

Except that the Browns will disappoint us. That’s a guarantee HAHA.


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