Beating My Bros – Not Playing With Them: The JJ Watt Story

“I hate my little brothers.”

“Oh, wait! You said my parents might be reading this???”

“I love my little brothers…to no end!”

Anyway, while I joke, defensive end JJ Watt is faced with quite the conundrum. He was released from the Houston Texans when the two parties agreed to mutually part ways after 10 years. Watt was set to make $17.5 million in the final year of his contract this upcoming season. Clearly, this wasn’t about money and Houston did not believe they’d get much in return for a trade of any type.

What’s interesting is that JJ Watt’s two brothers, TJ and Derek, both play on the Pittsburgh Steelers (photo above). A lot of people are speculating that JJ may want to go to Pittsburgh and join his brothers to create this “Watt-Squad,” as I’m calling it.

I was always in competition with my two younger brothers, Matthew & Benjamin, growing up. I do love them as any older brother should and I don’t want to give that negative impression despite my joke to start the article. We have Matt currently working his way through dental school and Benny who is a faster runner than you’ll ever be.

Regardless, when it came to sports, I wanted to be better.

JJ Watt can go to Pittsburgh and play with his siblings. Sure, they could have zoom calls in the locker room with mommy and daddy together. How cute! It would make that more convenient. But don’t you think JJ would want to beat his bros on the field in competition? The same as I did with my siblings and siblings across the planet do with each other?

Sure, give your bros the handshake and hug before the game. Say the nice words and talk about how grandma is doing before the opening kick. That’s family. Once that whistle blows, though, it’s time to beat the brothers.

A perfect destination for said beatings?


A team that faces the Steelers a guaranteed two times and maybe even more (playoffs) each year.

JJ Watt, you are the perfect fit.

I just imagine putting Watt on the opposite side of DE Myles Garrett going full-force at opposing QBs. If the two could stay healthy, it could give the Browns the best defensive line in all of football. After all, they’ve combined have 143.5 career sacks!

What would be key is the aforementioned health. Watt missed eight games in 2019, 11 in 2017 and 13 in 2016. Garrett missed six in 2019 and five in 2017.

I trust GM Andrew Berry would know how to sign Watt to a reasonable contract and get him playing for the Browns. Just another step on the road towards a Super Bowl, which JJ does not have, by the way…

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