March 4, 2024

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The Cleveland Cavaliers’ roster is stacked for the remaining regular season games. We have acquired magnificent talent in Kyle Korver, Deron Williams, Derrick Williams and Andrew Bogut. As I mentioned in my previous article, Kyle Korver is Cleveland’s Hot Sauce, Derrick Williams is killing it on the court, sinking threes, slamming those dunks and blocking the weak stuff.  The talent is solid but solid talent or not, do the Cavs rely too much on King James and Kyrie Irving?

As fans watched the Cavs take on the Heat in Miami on Saturday night, we were excited to watch another captivating night of basketball. The Cavs came out with vengeance, eager to get the win in Miami. The starting lineup was Kyle Korver, Deron Williams, Iman Shumpert, James Jones and Tristan Thompson. During the first quarter, the ball was moving around well and shots were going in. The Cavs looked like a well-oiled machine the way they were playing together.

During the second half, Miami turned up the heat. They were beating us to the ball, our defense had completely fallen apart. The score was 67-51 and the Cavs, unfortunately, weren’t coming back. Korver gave us the hot sauce and landed five 3-pointers per usual. Channing Frye was the leading scorer putting 21 points on the board. Frye had three 3-point shots. In the end, the Cavs still fell short with the final score of 120-92.

Miami Heat's Goran Dragic #7 drives to the basket while Cleveland Cavaliers' Tristan Thompson #13 defends.

This was quite the change of events from the game the night before against the Atlanta Hawks where the Cavs made history making 25 three-pointers in a regular season game. LeBron and Kyrie combined for 81 points in the 135-point win over the Hawks.  The Cavs were missing their aggressive defense, slick handles and strategic drives to the bucket. LeBron and Kyrie are extraordinary ball players, but do we rely on their greatness too much?

Every team has their go-to player or dynamic playmaker pair. The Bulls have Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade, the Warriors have Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, the Portland Trailblazers have Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum and the list goes on and on. When it was announced that Kevin Love had to undergo knee surgery back in February, Kyle Korver had to step it up and the Cavs haven’t skipped a beat. When small forward Kevin Durant suffered a knee injury, the Warriors immediately lost two games (Wizards and Bulls).

The Cavaliers need to continue to develop their newly acquired talent and be the greatness and not just build around the greatness.

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