Bauer Responds to Manufactured Accusations

Hey, Cleveland. Can you feel spring trying to creep through the overcast Northeast Ohio skies? If you can’t, maybe knowing that our Cleveland Indians begin regular season play in just a matter of days can help give you a sense of the season changing.

The Tribe has made some big changes and the fans and media have plenty to look forward to in the 2019 season. This begs the question, with plenty of action to be had, why would anyone try to manufacture controversy before an inning has been played? I do not know the answer, but maybe you can ask Paul Hoynes.

In a recent article, Hoynes titled it “Cleveland Indians name Corey Kluber opening day starter; Trevor Bauer not happy.” In the piece, Hoynes uses conjecture to point to the fact that because Bauer did not stop for interviews after the Tribe’s final home game of spring training, he was unhappy with Indians’ manager Terry Francona’s decision naming Corey Kluber the starting pitcher on opening day.

While I am not sure how Hoynes made that leap, I am positive that Tribe pitcher Trevor Bauer did not appreciate being called out for a point of view he did not express. Bauer defended himself in a fiery tweet.

“You’re extremely dishonest Paul. For everyone else out there who wants the real story instead of this desperate clickbait BS, I’m not mad at all about Klubes pitching opening day. I’m happy for him. He 100% deserves it.”

I, for one, am glad Bauer did not take the misleading article lying down. We live in a time where twisted inferences morph into ‘facts’ just because someone wrote it and tweeted the information. Today’s athletes have the option to explain themselves via social media, but should that be necessary? I contend that stirring up trouble where none exists is irresponsible, especially from someone attached to a Cleveland publication.

Perhaps writing the facts would be best for Hoynes. Especially about Trevor Bauer, who communicates quite well without an interpreter.

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