The debate on whether Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer would be traded ended late Tuesday in a blockbuster deal. Tribe fans everywhere this morning are torn, many love the deal while others wanted to keep Bauer. However, the organization’s front office took advantage of getting a large haul in return for Bauer just at the right time. Bauer would be involved in arbitration next year and the Tribe almost certainly would lose him after the 2020 season. They struck while the iron was hot adding some much-needed offense to the lackluster lineup.

The trade will send Trevor Bauer to Cincinnati while gaining Reds outfielders Yasiel Puig and Franmil Reyes. The team will also acquire LHP Logan Allen along with prospects Scott Moss and Victor Nova. To those concerned about losing an amazing pitcher such as Bauer, the Tribe’s rotation is solid.

The team needs the offense Puig and Reyes can provide. Allen has a strong arm and will add depth with Bauer gone. This move proves the organization is serious about making a playoff run.  The team added 50 HRs to the lineup between Puig and Reyes. Santana no longer holds the title of most home runs this season; he can hand that over to his new teammate, Reyes.

While there are the naysayers; there’s also an excitement in the air. The Indians are just three games back of the Minnesota Twins in the race for the AL Central pennant. They are also leading the wild card race. The argument is strong that now the team is complete. The Tribe’s pitchers can sit down batters left and right, but if the lineup can’t produce runs – it doesn’t matter. The belief is that will all change with the immediate insertion of Puig and Reyes. What’s also so promising are the prospects the Tribe received. Developing young players is one of the Indians’ well-known strength

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on with this trade, one thing is certain; this is the best the Indians could do to move Bauer. The only way they could’ve avoided moving him (or perhaps Kluber, if he was healthy) was if they would have spent money during the offseason to add a few bats. The owners are notorious for seemingly being allergic to spending, so this may be a stroke of genius as it appears on paper. The Indians upcoming schedule is harder and they will be facing much tougher pitching. The team needed help now.

Love him or hate him, Trevor Bauer will be missed. He is a unique individual and an amazing pitcher. He has made it clear he never intended to stay with the Indians. Fans definitely didn’t want to see him go to the Yankees or Astros. So, unless the Reds pull a magic rabbit out of their hat and send Bauer to the pinstripes, fans can give a sigh of relief. Bauer was a workhorse for the Tribe and no doubt gives it his all on the mound. Yes, he’s a somewhat divisive player and many Indians fans are saying the same about Puig. He will be entering the Tribe probably under suspension for being involved in a brawl against the Pirates last night. At least he’ll fit right in here at Cleveland by despising Pittsburgh.

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