The Cleveland Browns have seemed to finally make moves to fix the horrid and crippled rushing game this offseason with the signing of free agent Ben Tate (2-year,7 million) and drafting Terrance West (third round pick, 94th overall) who recently has officially signed a rookie contract for 4 years 2.7 million. At the time of bringing in Ben Tate from free agency it was pretty clear he would be the guy, now with Cleveland adding Terrance West to the depth chart its up for grabs when its comes to who will start this upcoming season. This is great for the team as it starts a healthy competition, which is what Coach Pettine wants in every position to force guys to get better and push themselves to their limits. img24580243

This competition means the world to Terrance West as he has already stated “Yeah, that’s our job out here, to come out here and compete, push each and everyone forward to bring the best out of each other,” said West. “That’s what I’m here to do. I want to play. I want to be the starter, and I’m going to practice like a starter.” You can tell he is ready to make this into a battle with Tate and is not going to make this an easy mission for number 44.

Ben Tate thinks of the competition very differently compared to his counter part. “Honestly I’m not worried about that, because I know when I’m on my game, no disrespect to any other running back here, but there’s no one that can touch me or that’s close to what I do,” Tate said. “I battled in and out every day with what some people consider the best running back in the league in Arian Foster. I’ve seen the best. I went against him every day. I battled it, so this around here to me is really not anything.”

1401486950000-DSC-0155“That’s just in me. I went out there in Houston every day and tried to compete with Arian knowing I wasn’t going to be the starter no matter what I did because he had already done things. So I’m going to naturally compete, and I hope all the other running backs want to compete as well.”

Tate stating he is a natural competitor and ready for the challenge of who gets crowned the starting back for the Browns organization has brought attention to the other backs on the roster but I’m sure the rookie out of Towson will give him a run for his money.

-Cameron T. Lopez (follow me on twitter @CST_Clopez)


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