Finally, we have baseball back in our lives! It feels like years ago that we did not have baseball, the lockout lasted for 99 days. The new collective bargaining tax threshold will start at 230 million dollars and rise to 244 million dollars. Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Player’s Union must sign documents before the lockout is officially over. The free agency period can resume shortly after. This Sunday training camp will start, and spring training games will start on March 17th. April 7th is the scheduled date for Opening Day. Don’t be alarmed 162 games will be played. Lastly, the minimum salary for a player will start at 700,000 and increase by 20,000 after each season.

Major League Baseball has incorporated some rule changes, one of the big changes is the shift ban. I am not a fan of that, it takes away the strategic aspect of the game. The National League has adopted the designated hitter. Thank God we don’t have to see the pitcher hitting. A 12-team playoff expansion will now go into effect and players may be optioned five times per season. Changes are coming and hopefully, it helps the sport grow. All I have to say is I am so happy that a deal was made. Let’s play ball!

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