April 20, 2024

The following is an opinion piece making the case for Barry Bonds’ viability as a member of the Hall of Fame. The sentiments expressed represent those of the author, not those of the Cleveland Sports Talk entity as a whole or any other individuals within the CST brand.

762 home runs. 1,996 career RBI. This was over the course of a career that lasted from 1987-2007 for slugger Barry Bonds as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants. This man was a threat to launch the ball over the fence for a home run every time he stepped up to the plate.

Bonds leads legend Hank Aaron by seven homers for the all-time MLB lead and earned a whopping $188 million over his career.

Of course, Bonds’ career is stained with a steroid cheating scandal. Now, this idea of a Hall of Fame selection is up for debate by various players and fans alike.

Former Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer let his opinion known:

The talent and ability Bonds brought to the MLB is amazing. A few questions are:

How many players used steroids, corked a bat, or cheated in some other form and did not get caught?

How many of those players currently reside in the Hall of Fame?

Lastly, how many are currently still playing in the league? 

Bonds has to live with the fact that even with those amazing numbers, it is a career stained with cheating. That will never change.

Leaving such a great player, steroids or not, out of baseball’s most illustrious hall is disingenuous. The stats speak for themselves. Bonds still had to swing the bat, make contact with the ball and launch those home runs 762 times.

In a perfect world, no player would ever use steroids, cork a bat, or cheat in any other matter. However, this is far from such a utopia. Bonds was not the first and will not be the last.

Put Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame and celebrate an amazing career. Sure, there will always be an asterisk beside the name Bonds and it should be that way. The stats and highlights speak for themselves.

Fun fact to end the piece: Bonds was walked over 45 miles throughout his career.

“Distance to 1st is 90ft. Bonds was walked/hbp 2,664 times. 2,664 x 90ft is 239,760ft. There’s 5,280ft in a mile. 239,760ft divides by 5,280ft equals 45.4 miles.” Via:@BushLeague101


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