The Cleveland Browns surprised the football world when they passed on Bradley Chubb in favor of Denzel Ward with the fourth overall pick of the 2018 NFL draft. I thought Chubb was a done deal so I, for one, was shocked. I believed if your paired Chubb with Myles Garrett that it would form the greatest pass rush in all of football. I guess John Dorsey and the Browns had other plans.

This was definitely a Gregg Williams pick and earlier this week he explained why. It’s as simple as, “The reason is our need for a press cover cornerback…we probably play the most press in the league.” It seems like legit reasoning despite the criticism of taking need over talent. “I’ve got a video of 28 snaps of Myles Garrett pass-rushes last year where he gets within two steps or less of the quarterback when the ball comes out. Basically, we aren’t covering long enough to let him get to the quarterback. Myles and others will get more chances because of Denzel.”

The logic is there. If you have corners that can stick to their receiver then it would allow more time to get after the quarterback. This is an aspect the Browns have struggled with over the past several years. When we have had success against the pass, we cave against the run and vice versa. We can never seem to put together a full defensive effort and now we might have the pieces in place.

Gregg Williams is betting on Myles Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah to be that devastating duo to attack opposing quarterbacks. This is a major reason why we passed on Bradley Chubb. Ogbah has breakout potential that Gregg Williams is hoping to tap into. I mean this kid has power, can absorb contact and is explosive off the edge. He was having a promising 2017 campaign until he suffered a broken foot. If he can return to form and produce at the same level, then I understand the move. It still would have been nice to add not only some needed depth but a tremendous talent.

Williams said that “Ogbah’s a rising star in this league.” I think he may be onto something. We might already have the Bradley Chubb we all thought we needed. Watch this highlight reel and you decide:

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Image: ESPN

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