I’d like to start by saying that I am a big QB Baker Mayfield fan and am happy and thankful the Browns have him as their quarterback. Against the Jaguars, Baker went 19/29 for 258 yards and two touchdowns. He also did not throw an interception, which is important. The Browns won the game, 27-25, and now have an 8-3 record.

The biggest problem with Baker is that there always seem to be a couple of throws each game where the receiver is wide open and Mayfield simply is off-target. Too high, too low, too this, too that… It may not result in an interception against a poor team in the Jaguars. It may not even affect the end result of the game versus such a bad opponent.

However, take a look moving forward.

This is about, dare I say it…THE PLAYOFFS. Yes, there is a good chance the Browns may actually may it to the postseason. It would be the first time since the 2002 year when the team lost in the wild card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, 36-33.

For now, Baker gets away with these bad throws with open receivers. Just take a look at this:

One looks at that diagram and would think this is almost a guaranteed touchdown. Not the case.

Taking a glance at the remaining schedule and the Browns have battles against difficult opponents in the Titans, Steelers and Ravens remaining. Those three matchups are against three of the best teams in the league and the opportunities the Browns do get to score cannot be squandered by errors such as the above photo.

Baker is a great quarterback, but he must find a way to sharpen his throw and be on target all the time. There will come a game, potentially against one of those three teams, a playoff game or even the Super Bowl (one can dream), when it is not the Browns rushing attack, not the defense or special teams, but Mayfield’s arm that wins (or loses) a game.

Let’s make that deciding throw an accurate one that results in a positive for the Browns.

Finally, I am still excited this team is 8-3 despite the fact that I am critical of the quarterback. This is really the first time witnessing winning football since ’07 and I was just a little boy the last time the Browns made the playoffs. Keep it up!

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