Baker Mayfield & Wife Spot “UFO”

Weird things are happening in this world.

The Cleveland Browns made the playoffs this past season (extremely weird) and now quarterback Baker Mayfield and his beautiful wife claim to have seen a UFO in the sky.

I believe the Mayfield’s and this observation they made. It’s great to see the star quarterback using his vision to read “the sky” and spot the UFO during the offseason instead of defenses per-usual.

Here is a joke made on the CST Twitter and accounts across the globe… and space!

Was it really a UFO?

“Astronomical objects are by far the main causes of mistaken UFO reports…Most people are totally unfamiliar with the sky. Highly credible witnesses…can still be surprised by the unexpected appearance of a bright star, planet, meteor, or satellite.” -Ian Ridpath

Regardless of the validity of said observation, it had to have been amazing to witness such a profoundly epic occurrence. Now, this is what Baker needs to do moving forward:

Pretend the orange helmets the Browns wear this upcoming season are UFOs streaking across the field. Take the snap, drop back and fire passes in an attempt to “capture” them. The more touchdowns, the better…right?

Just talking about Baker and the Browns even in a joking fashion has me missing the team. This, especially after the epically embarrassing Cavs loss to the Indiana Pacers before the all-star break.

It’s time for football…and alien invasions.

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