Baker Mayfield Wasn’t The Franchise Savior in Cleveland


First, before I get attacked by Baker Bros which, by the way, I am one. I would like to congratulate quarterback Baker Mayfield on getting the massive contract extension from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Tampa Bay and quarterback Baker Mayfield have agreed to terms on a three-year, $100 million contract worth up to $115 million in incentives and $50 million guaranteed, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday, per sources.

NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero added that $30 million of Mayfield’s deal is fully guaranteed in Year 1, with another $10 million guaranteed in 2025 and the last $10 million for injury vesting next year.

The Browns, years ago, decided that the franchise needed a better quarterback and that was supposed to be Deshaun Watson in the trade made back in 2022. Obviously that hasn’t worked out thus far. Even so, a lot of fans are acting like Baker was the savior of the team on the roster back then and it was a shame that he wasn’t kept in The Land.

In 2023 with the Bucs, Baker had a fantastic season throwing 28 touchdowns compared to 10 interceptions, 4,044 yards and throwing 64.3%.

A rating of 94.6.

That year the Bucs went 9-8, made the playoffs winning a wild card matchup against the Eagles and losing to the Lions in the Divisional Round.

If the Browns ended up signing Baker to an extension back then, this idea that he would’ve thrived in Cleveland is crazy. Remember, they never would’ve ended up signing Joe Flacco. No one was begging for a different quarterback during that run with the former Raven under center.

Yes, the Watson story has been an awful one to this point. However, there is still time in the future for him to redeem himself as a member of the Browns. (No guarantees)

The overall point being that no way in the past does Baker puts up those numbers, helps the Browns win in the playoffs like he did for the Bucs in Cleveland. It just wasn’t the same situation and that’s why the original moves were made.

Hey, congrats to Mayfield on the success in Tampa and getting that contract. Do I think the Bucs win a Super Bowl with him the coming years?

No Way. That’s why his ability is being overblown by some Browns fans.

The Browns were better off moving forward than settling for mediocrity. It may not play out for a few years but that will be the case for sure. Maybe just maybe both teams will end up playing each other in the playoffs.

Baker can prove me wrong in that battle.




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