Baker Mayfield To Carolina: A Message From a Fellow Clevelander Who Has Lived In Charlotte For The Past Eight Years


On July 6, 2022, the Cleveland Browns traded QB Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers for a conditional 2024 5th-round pick. Mayfield will be up against his former Cleveland Browns team to open up the season on September 11, 2022.

As a diehard Cleveland Browns fan, Baker Mayfield is the best Browns quarterback I have seen in my young age of 22 years old. He made the Browns a relevant, competitive team and even took us to the playoffs for the first time in 18 years. Growing up in Cleveland, I had Browns season tickets and still have them as I have been a resident of Charlotte, NC for the past eight years. Even though Charlotte is home to the Carolina Panthers, my Cleveland blood still and always will bleed orange and brown. Baker made the Browns a fun team to watch after watching so many miserable games.

As Mayfield is now a member of the Carolina Panthers, I feel that this whole situation has come full circle for myself. Living in the Charlotte area for eight years, it was always hard to pull for the Panthers as a secondary team because Cam Newton was so hard to root for with his attitude. For most of the time I have lived in Charlotte, it was always hard to get on board with the Panthers. With Mayfield now being in Carolina, it will almost feel like there is a purpose to cheer for them as a secondary team.

Week 1 when my Cleveland Browns travel to Carolina to take on the Panthers it will be a trippy, emotional game. I will be at that game and it will be weird to see the Browns play against Baker. Overall, if Mayfield were to ever leave Cleveland, I always thought Carolina would be the next best thing. To any Panthers fans who come across this article, know I will be pulling for you guys except for when you play my Cleveland Browns.

To Baker Mayfield, from a diehard Cleveland Browns fan, you have made me a life-long fan and will always have a spot in the DawgPound. I wish you the best of luck in every game next season except for week 1. Farewell my friend and thank you for all of the memories. Until next time…Let’s Go Browns!!!

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