Baker Mayfield Still Has to Prove It

I love Baker Mayfield.

Let me just make that clear before starting this diatribe and potentially getting destroyed by Browns fans on Twitter.

The former Oklahoma Sooner played 14 games in the NFL as a rookie and led the Browns to a 7-8-1 record. The team did not make the playoffs, so he has yet to play in a game of that magnitude.

With the addition of WR Odell Beckham Jr., everyone is acting like Baker is Tom Brady with six Super Bowl rings. Yes, he has the potential to be great, but there are still many games to be played and that should be taken in to account.

This is different than back in the day when Brian Hoyer would start and I wanted Johnny Manziel to be under center. Well, they both ended up sucking. Only one man can replace Baker and that is The Scottish Hammer. While I kid, this isn’t an argument about a job, which is a refreshing change here in The 216.

This year has the potential to be so amazing for the Browns and the City of Cleveland. Experts are actually predicting the Browns to win the AFC North and make the playoffs.

What does that mean, though? Teams/Players are going to be gunning for Baker and the Browns. The Browns are circled on the calendar and not a laughingstock-type game.

Gunning. Hard.

Right now – it’s September 1st. Not a single game has been played.

When the season starts, it will finally be time for Baker to prove it. He has all the tools and teammates he needs, but it will have to be done on the field.

The magazine covers have been fun, the wedding and the mustache, also. However, a week from today – the rubber meets the road. Will Baker Mayfield live up to the hype thrust upon him, or choke under such intensity?

My prediction is an 11-5 record, winners of the AFC North.

This year is a totally different dynamic from last year’s, “Woah the Browns can actually win games” season. With all of the aforementioned new factors, can the kid from Texas make us proud?

Sunday. 1 p.m. First Energy Stadium – it begins.

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