Baker Mayfield Needs To Now Pull a LeBron James & “Sack Up”

This week has been an absolute disaster for the Cleveland Browns. It started with the team flying and trying to make a pitch for quarterback Deshaun Watson formerly of the Houston Texans. When it became clear that Cleveland was out of the running for the said quarterback, it become a major problem. 

Current starting quarterback Baker Mayfield subsequently demanded a trade and the Browns denied his request:, pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Now, I can’t blame Baker for wanting to be traded out of Cleveland after the Browns not only went out and started looking for other quarterbacks but also said they “Want An Adult” at quarterback moving forward.

I already wrote a piece saying the team screwed up by not having a plan in place before allowing any news to be public.  It was a huge miscalculation that has caused a plethora of problems moving forward.

So, how does this relate to LeBron James beside him being featured in a tweet of ours? Well, I always say when the topic of the Cavs and the championship comes up that LeBron did not have to come back to Cleveland. However, he ignored the extreme hate that he received from Cleveland fans:

Yes, there was a time pre-championship that LeBron James was the most hated man in Cleveland.

This is the point now with Baker Mayfield:

Yes, the Browns basically stuck a middle finger his way by looking to sign other quarterbacks such as Deshaun Watson. Even so, Baker does have a year left on his contract and it’s worth about 18.5 million-plus. That’s a lot of money…

Hypothetically, Baker could ignore the haters and continue simply playing football.

While I said that I can’t blame Baker for being upset, I can’t really blame the Browns for trying to look for other options. After all, last season, injury and all was quite a disaster.

Yes, fans can talk about how “noble” Baker has been to deal with the terrible Browns and whatnot. Fans can speak on how lucky we are to have any type of quarterback worth anything. I take a look at that 18.5 number and think about how Baker is doing just fine as the quarterback with said contract.

LeBron literally ignored all of the haters and came back to Cleveland even with all of the hate (just look at that photo). The Cavs came back from down 3-1 to the Warriors and LeBron went from most hated to a legend. What Baker can do is become a great quarterback this coming year and beyond, prove his haters wrong just like LeBron did in 2016.

Baker has that fire in his personality. Let’s see him bring that to good use as a member of the Cleveland Browns moving forward.

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