Baker Mayfield Just Never Seems to Go Away

I wrote this tweet not too long ago…

Let’s pretend the “kid” is the football Baker continues to make bad throws with…

I certainly thought the Browns were going to make a move on Day 1 of the draft to trade quarterback Baker Mayfield to another team. After trading for quarterback DeShaun Watson and signing him to a mega-deal, it clearly needed to be done. Just end this horrific stretch with a quarterback that just won’t seem to go away.

The biggest problem is simply releasing Baker would cost the Browns $18 million.

Thus, teams are saying that they don’t want to give up any draft capital or players for Baker and will just wait and see what happens and if the Browns do end up releasing him at some point.

It’s crazy to think this went from the quarterback who led the Browns to the playoffs and a win over the Steelers to a guy that isn’t even worth a late-round draft pick at this point via trade.

Here’s the problem.

Baker would be great if he could serve as a backup quarterback for many teams in this league. A guy that could come in if he starter gets hurt and give the team an actual chance to still win. However, knowing Baker and the way he talks to the media and causes so much drama amongst the team…no team wants to deal with that for simply a backup.

The team I’ve heard most interested in Baker is the Carolina Panthers. Why hasn’t a deal been made yet?

The big question that will remain throughout the course of today and into the rest of the offseason is simple in regards to Baker.

What next?

We all thought a deal was going to be made during the course of draft weekend. That doesn’t appear to be so easy for the Browns to do.

Maybe just maybe some team with take a shot here moving forward with this offseason progressing…Let’s hope.


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