November 28, 2021

Baker Mayfield in Lose/Lose Situation vs. Lions

Get prepared for your Thanksgiving dinners of, of course, giving thanks with your family and then subsequently debating if quarterback Baker Mayfield is “The Guy” or not.

It’s coming.

Beforehand, the Browns are facing the Detroit Lions at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland. The Lions have an abysmal record of 0-8-1. Whereas the Browns are sitting at 5-5 and really are in a must-win situation with the loaded AFC North.

Here’s Baker Mayfield’s problem:

The quarterback could have an absolutely amazing game. The Browns could win the Lions by a score of 34-7 with Mayfield throwing four touchdowns and 300 yards passing.

However, what are fans going to say even with a great win?

“Well, it’s the Lions. They suck”

On the flip side, let’s say disaster strikes as it recently did for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was those hated Steelers that actually tied the Lions by a score of 16-16. The NFL is a crazy league and no one really knows what is going to happen any given Sunday. Of course, the Browns are the favorites to win this game against the Lions and win it by a lot.

So, Baker wins big, plays well and everyone chalks it up to this idea that it was the Lions that the team played against. Not that Baker played great and we all should be thrilled with his performance and progression. Baker loses or even ties this game and the world of Browns Nation will go absolutely crazy. If you live in the Cleveland area and the team loses…lock your doors.

Sorry, Baker. You’re in a lose/lose situation. Just play your best and after the game look forward to the next two crucial matchups against the Baltimore Ravens. Those will be true indications of how you’re doing for the franchise moving forward.

Inspired by the Steelers/Lions, I actually wrote an article with an idea on how the fix the tie in the NFL.


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