November 28, 2021

Baker Mayfield: HE! HAS! SPOKEN!

Well, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield left Sunday’s game without speaking to any media. However, the following day…


This about the fans booing:

“Those are probably the same fans that won’t be quiet while we’re on offense and trying to operate,’’ he said. “So don’t really care.’’

Frankly, a part of football is fans yelling and screaming. That is something that a quarterback has to overcome as a part of his job. The issue is his performance. He was not good against the Lions and that’s why fans booed him.

Via Off-target much of the game, Mayfield completed only 15 of 29 attempts (51.7%) for 176 yards, with one touchdown and two interceptions for a 53.2 rating. It was the second-lowest rating off his career, and the third time he’s been in the 50s this season. It also came against the 16th-ranked pass defense in the NFL.


This is about not talking to the media the day before:

“Not one part of that is not being accountable,’’ he said. “I’d be the first to tell you I played like sh—, so it’s not about accountable and I don’t owe you guys any of that. I owe that to my teammates and I talked to them so that what’s matters, so.”

I respect Baker for talking to his fellow Browns and being a good teammate, especially as the quarterback. That isn’t the issue at all. Baker is tough, he cares about winning and the goals set for the team.

Simply put, the quarterback needs to play better. Those boos will turn to cheers with great performance.

Last point: One could debate if it’s an athlete’s obligation to talk to the media after a game. In my last article, I did say it was smart of Baker not to talk if he knew he couldn’t speak like a professional. However, not answering a few simple questions did cause quite the stir.

Obligation? Not entirely…

Just doing it? Makes everything better for everyone.


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