February 20, 2024

Baker Mayfield Finally Accurately Connects – Not The Way You Think


Oh, Baker. The former number-one overall pick (2018) for the Cleveland Browns always finds a way into the news.

When one thinks of a quarterback and “connecting” the idea usually is that said QB threw a pass and a receiver caught it. With Baker on the Carolina Panthers, usually, that hasn’t been the case this year.

Baker was benched for backup PJ Walker after the Panthers started the year 1-4.

Now, when talking about Baker. I always like to point out that he did lead the Browns to the playoffs in 2020 and even a win over the Steelers in said playoffs (11-5 record). The Browns ended up trading him last offseason for a conditional fifth-round pick.

This season as a whole, Baker has gone 98-173 for 1117 yards, six touchdowns and four interceptions. Two of those touchdowns came in garbage time against Cincinnati coming off the bench for PJ Walker with the outcome of a loss quite clear.

Transitioning to Carolina hasn’t been easy for him. However, the Panthers did beat the Falcons, 25-15 at home.

What was crazy about the Panthers’ win was how Baker celebrated. He literally head-butts the offensive lineman that were wearing helmets…without a helmet of his own on himself.


Now, there are so many alternatives and safe ways to show your affection for teammates that aren’t putting yourself in danger. You could simply give them each a handshake or fistbump them up. You could say, “great job” or “proud of you guys.” You could even just give them a nod to show respect.

But no!

Baker had to go full-force by slamming his own head into their helmets. If he didn’t get a concussion as announcer Al Michaels pointed out, he definitely has bruises, headaches, blurry vision or other symptoms. (I’m a doctor)

I really do wish the Baker Mayfield project worked in Cleveland. We won’t know the true future for the Browns until DeShaun Watson finally starts in Week 13 against the Houston Texans and into next year.

Baker, keep connecting buddy. Try not to destroy your brain and instead throw passes to receivers that they maybe catch…unless it’s against the Browns!

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