November 28, 2021

Baker Mayfield and His Career That’s at Stake

Career? What? This is just a shoulder injury…

This is the news that just came out today before the Thursday night game against the Denver Broncos:

“Baker Mayfield is expected to need surgery on his torn labrum following the season, sources say, the result of the hits he’s taken on his non-throwing shoulder. Belief is he can deal with it through the season, but incurring more damage would make it challenging.” – Via Ian Rapoport 

I understand Baker’s desire to play. I mean, what professional quarterback doesn’t want to be out there fighting amongst his peers?

Unfortunately, as mentioned in previous articles, we cannot predict the future. Can’t call Doc and have Marty McFly go to the future and see how this plays out. Sure, there’s a chance Baker could play through this and have an amazing season, lead the Browns to the Super Bowl and be a legend forever. Then, he can get that surgery after the season and be ready for next year.

But what if the worst happens?

A hit on Baker that injures him even worse in a way that can have an effect on him for the long term. 

The safe plan is to get the surgery right now, bite that hypothetical bullet, sit out the rest of the season and get ready for a 2022 season completely healthy. It sucks because Baker can’t play this season after surgery, but it does make sense.

Ultimately, it will be up to Baker, the doctors and the staff to make up the final decision.

What we don’t want to say in the year 2025 is, “Man, what could’ve been of Baker Mayfield if that injury didn’t ruin the man’s time in Cleveland and ability as a quarterback?”

We will see what the quarterback decides and if he continues to play this season. We know that on Thursday Night, Case Keenum is starting at quarterback.

Another interesting point…

With a typical injury, the idea is that time will heal the said injury. However, this is different as it’s required surgery no matter what happens. There’s no magic fairy that will heal this injury completely. Even if Baker sits until Halloween and the matchup against the Steelers.

Surgery is surgery.

It is what it is and that’s the worst part of it all…

Baker, Cleveland fans respect your desire to want to thrive as quarterback of the Browns. Even so, Cleveland fans want you to make the smart decision so we can cheer on the top quarterback playing at peak level for many years to come.

So that the 2025 conversation is, “Wow, Baker is so great leading us to the Super Bowl yet again!” 


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