Everyone knows the story by now.

ESPN 850 host Tony Grossi, a guy everyone hates, called Browns QB Baker Mayfield a “fucking midget” on a hot mic. He got suspended indefinitely by the company. It’s not the worst phrase one could say, but it’s certainly not nice.

Baker is listed at 6’1, far from even being short. He is short for a quarterback, though.

Anyway, I saw this in one of the Browns groups on Facebook that I belong to and I thought it was a good point. Has anyone noticed the lack of response from Baker to what Grossi said? In the past, Baker certainly would have gone on and on with banter back towards the host.

Remember, “Jesus, Tony?”

The silence shows a tremendous amount of maturity.

Hopefully, this will translate to his play on the field this upcoming season and Baker will perform better behind center for the Browns. It’s great that he doesn’t feel the need to reply to every little jab thrown his way by people, especially those cynics like Grossi.

Maybe Mayfield is simply focused on football and improving his game!?

What I’m curious is if 850 just wanted an excuse to get Grossi off the air, or if the veteran reporter will eventually return? It does not feel like he is very popular anymore here in Cleveland.

Finally, Mr. Mayfield. Please don’t post a diatribe criticizing Tony Grossi since I posted this article. I’m counting on the silence remaining solid and make me sound smart!

It’s tough to be a quarterback in the NFL.

The media is always watching and the standards are extremely high, especially in a football city like Cleveland. Hopefully, Baker has learned it’s better to just stay quiet instead of trying to fight back.

Last season, the Browns finished with a disappointing 6-10 record. Now, with new head coach Kevin Stefanski, it’s time for a better year this fall! 

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