November 28, 2021

Baker, BS, Basically Over

I look at the score.


I think about sleeping last night and that the final score must be some kind of nightmare that I had about such a horrific game.

Right? RIGHT???

Well, unfortunately, it’s real. The Browns were absolutely pathetic on Sunday against the New England Patriots. It pushes their record to 5-5 and makes any type of playoff run not impossible but extremely unlikely. This was supposed to be a team in contention for the Super Bowl this year. Now, the only bowl they have is the cereal Emily is going to make Baker for his offseason breakfast.

The Browns had a great game against the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday winning by a score of 41-16. Not a math expert by any means, but that is a scoring spread of 63 points. While I was happy with the win over Cinci, I did have my reservations. I felt that a lot of the win was gift-wrapped by the Bengals sucking (pardon my French) and not completely earned by the Browns.

Fast-forward to the Patriots affair and that appears to be the case. Now, did I think the Browns were going to get destroyed by a whopping 38 points? No, of course not. This win hurts and stings in many ways. While I didn’t predict a win, a loss to this extent was unexpected.

What I fear moving forward is that this loss will be essentially a cloud over the Browns in the coming weeks. It was such a bad performance that it will hang over the team and be looked upon by players and coaches with such extreme anguish.

They say, “there’s always next week.” Except with just how terribly the Browns played, it may not be the case. The loss will make a playoff run just that much more difficult. The fact that it was to that extreme will simply make competing a challenge.

Well, I went this far without mentioning WR Odell Beckham Jr. Aren’t you proud? A lot of fans are going to point out that maybe it wasn’t Odell that was the problem on this team. First of all, two games is an extremely small sample size. Secondly, Odell still was a problem. It’s just sad that he was one of many, many, problems that remain on the team. The loss to the Patriots just shows every glaring weakness that remains.

Let’s see if the Browns can fix some of the remaining issues in the coming weeks. They have a game against the Lions that just tied the Steelers and are now 0-8-1 (nothing is guaranteed in the NFL). Then two tough matchups against the Ravens that follow. If the team is able to overcome such a disappointing loss to the Patriots. Will Baker Mayfield even be healthy enough to play after taking gruesome hits? Is his playing a blessing or a curse?


It’s extremely hard to come to grips with and the fact that there may not be a happy ending to this story.

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