Bada-Boom, Bada-Blast! Ramirez Strikes Twice in Return

That must be a video game that was televised tonight. The Jose Ramirez I know had hand surgery last month and he’s not coming back this year. At least, that is what I was lead to believe.

Ramirez’s right hand must be feeling really good because in his first at bat this evening, the third baseman stepped to the plate with the bases loaded and hammered a shot over the right field wall.  If the game had been played at home, I would have to think the roar of the fans would have rivaled those at the Browns game Sunday night.

Unfortunately, the game was being played in Chicago at Apply For A Loan Stadium or some such awful corporate name slapped on a sports venue. Still, the Tribe fans that were there let their presence be known. What a welcome back for Ramirez, right?  He wouldn’t have to get on base the rest of the evening and it wouldn’t matter.

Tell that to him.

Ramirez addressed his second at-bat in pretty much the same way he did his first, by punishing the pitcher.  This time he sent one flying opposite field, easily clearing the outfield wall and about a dozen rows after that.

So there you have it, one grand slam and a 3-run blast in the same night and to add a little irony to the mix, Manny Ramirez did the same thing 20 years ago to the day.  Crazy, huh?

Jose Ramirez was eventually pulled after the fifth inning in favor of the up and coming Yu Chang, but he made his mark on the White Sox before bidding adieu for the night.

Welcome back, Jose.

Videos Via: Indians

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