Back To It? More Complicated Than Expected

It is easy to simply say, “Let’s bring back this league or that league. With fans or without, etc.” There has been quite an absence with the NBA delayed indefinitely, as well as the MLB season that hasn’t started six weeks in from when it should have begun. However, the leagues are just following the guidance of the rest of the country and this is the end result. Nights spent watching cartoons instead of the Tribe or Wine & Gold.

It’s a big adjustment for any fan to make.

The problem is that as fans get more and more antsy with time, their logic behind bringing back these leagues starts to dissipate. Sadly, a return of the sports that are loved shouldn’t happen even if the desire is there.

There is a wide sentiment for the suggestion for an 80-game MLB season or basketball games without fans in attendance. However, the issues with these adjustment ideas aren’t always discussed.

What about the players coming in contact with each other?

Those are players that have families of their own. While it is easy to idolize athletes, it must be remembered that they are human, too. Some professionals have already gotten sick with this horrific virus.

Now, the other problem is knowing when it truly will be safe. With professional sports and society, in general. That is why eventually the games may just have to be played even with a risk involved. Either that or they could never be played again because there always may be some type of risk.

Everyone is completely ready for the NFL this fall and next season for every other league. How is it possible to know for sure that it will be time to play? It is unfortunate that such saddening facts and thoughts exist so long after the sporting world got shut down.

In a perfect world, a vaccine will be ready to cure and prevent this disease from spreading to the best of the sporting world or even the average individual. For now, humanity continues to wait, quarantine and try and make the best of a bad situation without the sporting world’s beloved athletes and sporting events.

Just remember, a return to what once was may not be as simple as expected.

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