April 19, 2024

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Browns Style Saturday


The Cleveland Browns are hosting the 5-9 New Orleans Saints at First Energy Stadium this upcoming Saturday. The Dawgs have a 6-8 record and their playoff chances are very, very, slim. for this season.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a popular song that has been sung by many artists such as Michael Buble. There are over 400 recordings over the years of said song which is insane to think about…

Well, just about every fan heading to the Browns game on Saturday is going to be singing, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” to their significant other. Check out the following details:

“The current forecast for the weather is a high of 13 degrees and a low of seven degrees, with a 40% chance of snow, according to the National Weather Service.” – CLE Dot Com.

This is only the 4th game in the history of Cleveland home games that is likely under 15 degrees.

Frankly, you’d have to pay me a pretty sizeable amount of money because I can attend the game from the luxury of my living room with my warm cup of coffee and the heat going steady.

Now, for me, if it was the playoffs or obviously the Super Bowl, that would be a different story than a regular season game for a team with a very slim chance to make the playoffs.

What I would be most concerned about is the fact that even if I dressed up really well with jackets and hats and gloves and whatnot, is it dangerous to attend a game for three hours plus and absorb that cold air?

If I was forced to attend the game, here’s what my plan would be:

Drink so much beer that the cold air is a non-factor and I’d be so blasted that it’d feel like I’m in freakin’ Hawaii at First Energy Stadium. After the beer, I’d go with the coffee route and keep my hands nice and warm as well.

Another thing to think about is there is always the chance the Browns don’t win the game and all of the efforts of going through the temperature would be for nothing. Now, the Saints are 5-9 and the Browns do have a chance to win against a pretty average-at-best team.

It’ll be interesting how the coaches gameplan with such difficult weather conditions. It’s going to be hard to catch the football, throw the football, hang on to the football and all that for the game.

Plus, let’s not even think about the wind and kicking field goals.

Of course, I am still hoping for a Browns win and can’t wait to watch on TV as they battle it out against the Saints. Let’s get that W and show New Orleans that we know how the handle the conditions!


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