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Shelley Harcar

I am a lifelong Cleveland sports fan and presently live in Stow, Ohio with my family. Writing for CST allows me to blend my love of writing with my devotion to Cleveland sports and I consider it to be a true privilege.

    Top Dawg Week 10

    Hey, CLEEEEVELAAAAND! Say it with me now… “HOW ABOUT THOSE BROWNS?” The sound defeat of the Atlanta...

    Top Dawg – Week 9

    Hey, Cleveland – Well, no one expected the game against the Kansas City Chiefs to be pretty,...

    Should the Browns Look Back to Build the Future?

    Hey, Cleveland. The deadline is looming and our Browns are in a position to make some great...

    Top Dawg Week 8

    Hey, Cleveland, Once again, there is no sugar coating what happened in Pittsburgh during Week 8. The...

    Top Dawg Week 7

    Hey, Cleveland. No need to sugar coat things, the overtime loss in Tampa Bay just plain hurt....

    Top Dawg: Week 6

    Hey, Cleveland. Well, Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers was…unremarkable, unfortunate and unsuccessful. I know we had...

    Top Dawg Week 5 – Baker Mayfield

    Hey, Cleveland. How great did that win over the Ravens feel? I admit I was a little concerned...

    Cleveland’s Own Rally Possum

    Hey, Cleveland. Writing for Cleveland Sports Talk is a privilege that leads to some interesting opportunities. None...

    Top Dawg Week 4: Nick Chubb

    Hey, Cleveland. I still don’t know what to say after that overtime loss to the Oakland Raiders....

    Top Dawg Week 3

    HEY, CLEVELAND! How about those Browns? I won’t deny it, as many times as I told myself...

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