April 15, 2024

The Cleveland Browns have just picked up one hell of a tight end off of the free agent market! Austin Hooper has signed with the Browns to be their tight end along with David Njoku in coach Stefanski’s two tight end tandem. This signing does not come without a hefty price tag, though. Four years, 44 million and 23 million guaranteed.

Atlanta had tried for years to develop a tight end to replace Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez and they had it in Hooper only to let him walk this offseason right into the hands of the Browns. The Browns still have Njoku as their starting tight end in the depth chart, but it is likely that Stefanski will run a two tight end offense as he was known to do as the offensive coordinator in Minnesota.

Cleveland looks to be the winners of this offseason yet again, but the largest question is if they will use the tools they have and be a winning team or squander their opportunities like they did last year.

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