At 57, Mark Price is Still a Lights-Out Shooter – But is he 10-Day Contract Worthy?

I recently had a Tik-Tok video by a creator named @Realonz brought to my attention of 57-year-old Mark Price putting up long-distance baskets in the gym.

For those of you who don’t remember Mark, or you weren’t alive when he played.  Mark Price was a 6’0” 170-pound point guard who played nine of his first 12 seasons in the NBA with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Price was drafted as a second-round pick for the Cavs in 1986 after playing collegiate basketball for four years at Georgia Tech.

During his time in the league, Mark was considered one of the league’s most consistent shooters, especially from the three.  In his third season (the 1988-89 season), Mark became an All-Star for the first time and the only Cavs player to ever become a member of what is now known as the 50-40-90 club.

The 50-40-90 club is a collection of a few players in NBA history to shoot 50% from the field, 40% from the three-point line, and 90% from the foul line in the same season.  This club includes a few Superstars and Greats such as Larry Bird, Dirk Nowitzki, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Steve Nash, and Reggie Miller, to name a few.  Mark was the second player to ever achieve those statistics in a season.

In the 1899-89 season, Price averaged 18.9 points 8.4 assists per game.  He shot 52.6% from the field, 54.8% from three, and 90.1% from the free-throw line.

Mark finished his career averaging 15.2 points, 6.7 assists, shooting 47% from the field, 40% from the three-point line, and over 90% from the free-throw line over 12 seasons.  He was one of the deadliest sharpshooters the league has ever seen.  In addition, he is one of the best players to ever play in a Cleveland Cavalier’s uniform.

What caught my attention in the video was the fluidity and consistency of Mark’s shooting.  In addition, the maker of the video added this question to the video, is Mark Price at 57 years old, 10-Day contract worthy?

From the video, you can clearly see that Mark was shooting lights out and has stayed in great shape.  If Mark were in his prime, in this era, he’d be another Stephen Curry, in my opinion.  But is he 10-day contract worthy, at 57?  Nah!  Let’s not kid ourselves.

I realize we have seen many players like Joe Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, and Lance Stevenson come back to the NBA on 10-Day contracts after extended absences this year.  They even had solid performances for the teams that brought them in.  However, to think Mark Price, at 57, could come back after 24 years out of the league and contribute in an impactful way is nothing but barbershop talk.  As Biggie Smalls said, “It was all a dream.”

What do you think?  Who would you like to see offered a 10-day contract this season?  Let us know.


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