February 27, 2024

Assessing Desmond Ridder’s Potential and the Atlanta Falcons’ Offensive Outlook


Desmond Ridder is a promising quarterback who has shown signs of improvement and potential. While he may not reach his full potential under the current management of Coach Arthur Smith in Atlanta, he possesses the physical and mental tools to succeed. It might be necessary for him to be traded to a higher-caliber team or work with a more experienced coach to further develop his skills.

The Atlanta Falcons passing game is currently lacking a significant threat, as their wide receivers do not possess elite speed. This limits the fear factor for opposing defenses. However, the team does have receivers like Drake London, Keith Smith, Kyle Pitts, and Mack Hollins who are big, physical, and capable of run blocking. They also have versatile running backs in Bijan Robinson and Patterson, who can run and catch like receivers. This diverse personnel can make it difficult for opposing teams to predict the Falcons’ offensive strategy based on the personnel on the field.

It is important to approach the notion of crowning a day-two quarterback like Desmond Ridder as the next Mahomes with caution, as such claims require substantial evidence. The Falcons’ fanbase hasn’t had to search for a franchise quarterback in a long time, given Matt Ryan’s longstanding tenure. The team’s offense is young and inexperienced, and it is realistic to expect growth and development rather than immediate success. A possibility of not exceeding 8 wins should be considered for this season.

Teams like Carolina and New Orleans are currently dominating the NFC South. However, with a few years of experience and development for the Falcons’ young offensive core, they should become playoff contenders. In the meantime, the goal should be to aim for growth that can produce a minimum of 8 wins this season, especially considering that they won 7 games last season with a relatively easier schedule and an improved team.

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